Mark Ogbodo, PhD Candidate (April 2019 – 2022 (expected))







Ogbodo Mark Ikechukwu is currently a Ph.D. student and a member of Adaptive Systems Laboratory(ASL) of the University of Aizu. He holds a masters degree in computer science from the African University of Science and Technology(AUST). His current research interests are in the field of Neuro-inspired Architectures in Hardware.


  • Ogbodo Mark Ikechukwu, Khanh N. Dang, Tomohide Fukuchi, Abderazek Ben Abdallah, “Architecture and Design of a Spiking Neuron Processor Core Towards the Design of a Large-scale Event-Driven 3D-NoC-based Neuromorphic Processor”, The ACM Chapter International Conference on Educational Technology, Language and Technical Communication (ETLTC), January 27-31, 2020, Aizuwakamatsu, Japan.
  • Ogbodo Mark Ikechukwu, The H. Vu, Khanh N. Dang, Abderazek Ben Abdallah, ”Light-weight Spiking Neuron Processing Core For Large-scale 3D-NoC Based Spiking Neural,”  2019 IEEE International Conference on  Big Data and Smart Computing, February 19-22, 2020, Busan, Korea
  • The H. Vu, Ogbodo Mark Ikechukwu, and Abderazek Ben Abdallah, “Fault-tolerant Spike Routing Algorithm and Architecture for Three Dimensional NoC-Based Neuromorphic Systems,” IEEE Access, vol. 7, pp. 90436-90452, 2019.


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