Our laboratory welcomes outstanding students for undergraduate and graduate studies and also for post-docs from all over the world. We are looking to attract very high-quality students and engage industry partners in advancing our research. If you are interested in working on one of our research projects, there is always the possibility to define sub-projects suitable for BS, MS, and Doctor theses. 

  • MS/Ph.D. courses at the University of Aizu are lectured in English. No Japanese language background is required.
  • There is no course work for Doctoral students, although candidates may be required to take certain courses in order to acquire specific knowledge or expertise to complete their research satisfactorily.
  • It takes two years to completing the MS course and three years for the Ph.D. course.
  • About our financial support program: Doctor students who are admitted at our Laboratory can receive financial assistance via our RA and Special RA programs.


If you want to know more details about our available Doctoral research topics or/and financial support, please write to Prof. Ben Abdallah Abderazek ( or Prof. Yuichi Okuyama (

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