COSCO is a forum that consists of a bimonthly speaker(s) on current research and design in emerging computer systems and IT areas. The topics cover all aspects of computer science and engineering including embedded systems, software engineering, logic design, IT and its implications on Aizu area. COSCO provides a unique public forum gathering students and faculties at the UoA for discussion of new ideas or findings. This forum is open and free of charge; there is no registration/attendance fee.

 COSCO 2017 Schedule

  • Chair: D1 Vu
  • Time: Thursday 6th period. 18:10
  • Place: F-201
  • Participants: Open to all ASL members, students from UoA, and external guests


Date Speaker Supporters Topic Slides Source*
6/29 R. Murakami Arakawa, Fukuchi, Shimmyo, Yomogita Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) Software Implementation using Python C7D1_slides.pdf
10/26 Vu, R. Murakami  Mie Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) Hardware Implementation on FPGA C7D2_slides.pdf
11/30 M1,M1 B4,B3 FPGA Hardware Acceleration of Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) C7D3_slides.pdf
2/21 Y. Murakami B4,B3 FPGA Hardware Implementation of Long Short-Term Memory C7D4_slides.pdf



COSCO 2016 Schedule

  • Chair: Nam Khanh Dang D3
  • Time: Friday 5th period. 16:30
  • Place: F-201
  • Participants: Open to all ASL members, students from UoA, and external guests


Date Speaker Supporters Topic Slides Video
6/24 Dang Ryunosuke Murakami, Hiroki Yomogita Basics of Neuro-inspired Computing slide
8/5 Hayamizu B4 Training a Neural Network: Backpropagation Algorithm Example   slide
11/11 Sato Shunsuke Mie, Kaori Yatsu Computing Platforms and Device Technologies for Neuro-inspired Computing  slide
1/18 Vu Takaya Hirai Demo I on FPGA: Design of a Simple Neural Network for Character Recognition (source code)  slide
3/3 Vu Dang Demo II on FPGA: Design of a Neural Network for Character Recognition with Backpropagation Learning Metod  slide


 COSCO 2015 Schedule

  • Chair (s): M2 Shunsuke Ishikuro
  • Schedule: Friday
  • Time: 5th period (16:30-18:00)
  • Place: F-201
Date Speaker Supporters Topic Slides Video
5/29 Achraf, Nakamura Tanaka Heterogeneous Computing Architecture filePresentation
7/24 Mike, Ishikuro Sasamoto and R. Murakami Heterogeneous Computing Programming filePresentation
10/16 Dang, It Ishii, Toyama and Y. Murakami Low-level Vision Processing Algorithms filePresentation
1/29 Nakamura, Hayamizu Yomogita and Inoue SIFT Object Recognition Algorithm filePresentation.pdf
2/26 Dang, Sato Moriai, Yatsu and Miyamoto Low-level Vision Processing Architectures Presentationfile



COSCO 2014 Schedule

  • Chair (s): M2 Takaaki Ouchi
  • Schedule: Thursday
  • Time: fourth period (14.50~16.20)
  • Place: F-201
Date Speaker supporters Topic Slides Video
28.5.2014 Hasegawa, Idonuma Hayamizu, Ishii Heterogeneous SoCs filePresentation
23.7.2014 Akram, Kobayashi Hongo, Sato Multicore Programming I (OpenMP) filePresentation
30.10.2014 Michael, Ouchi Graphics Processing Unit (GPU): Architecture and Applications filePresentation
19.12.2014 Ishikuro, Nakamura Hirai, Moriai, Saito, Sasamoto GPUProgramming filePresentation
24.2.2015 Achraf, Ito Yuki,Maiko MPI Programming


COSCO 2013 Schedule

  • Chair: Achraf, Co-chair: Michael
  • Schedule: The second Friday of the month
  • Time: Third period (13.10~14.40)
  • Place: F-201
Date Speaker Topic Slides Video
10.05.2013 Michael Meyer The Technology of War filePresentation .
14.06.2013 –>21.06.2013 Toshiichi Idonuma Image Matching Application filePresentation .
12.07.2013 –>19.07.2013 Toshihiro Sato Current Technology of Brain Computer Interface filePresentation .
11.10.2013–>18.10.2013 Takaaki Ouchi Opencl on FPGA filePresentation .
8.11.2013 Toru Hasegawa JavaScript for Web Applications: node.js filePresentation .
13.12.2013 Kazuki Kobayashi Hardware Acceleration of Floating-point Designs on High-end FPGA boards filePresentation .


COSCO-2012 Schedule

  • Chair: Akram, Co-chair: Ochi
  • Schedule: The second Friday of the month
  • Time: Third period (13.10~14.40)
  • Place: F-201
Date Presenter Topic Presentation Slides
November 9, 2012 Akram Holography & Holographic TV filePresentation
December 14, 2012 Eyes Home Automation filePresentation
January 11, 2013 Achraf Data center filePresentation
February 22, 2013 knowledge Programming Language, QuakeC for 3D game programming filePresentation


COSCO-2011 Schedule

Date Presenter Topic(Key Terms) Presentation Slides Reference
June 10 Miura Multicore and Multiprocessor fileOverview of Colloquium filePresentation The Future of Microprocessor
June 24 Miura Tablet device market filePresentation
July 15 Achraf 3D Transistor filePresentation
July 29 Namae IPv6 filePresentation
Aug 12 Kimezawa Smart Grid filePresentation
Aug 26 Mori Supercomputer-focus on POWER775- filePresentation
Oct 26 Akram Quantum computer filePresentation
Nov 9 Okada Cloud Computing filePresentation
Nov 30 Kasahara Neurosynaptic computing chip filePresentation

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